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A comic by Moxie2D




The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics - you are all star dust.
— Lawrence Krauss

Stardust is a comic/manga story which will be written and illustrated by yours truly. It's a bit throwback to some of my favourite 90's and early 00's shows like Dragon Ball and Avatar: The Last Airbender, with a touch of the weirdness of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Keep in mind it is in the very early stages of development, so everything you read here could change.

On its surface, Stardust is a martial arts action story about epic clashes and the mentality of competition, but as the reasons for these fights start to become more clear, the story unveils tones of sci fi, mystery and dystopian fiction. The story is set in a fantasy world similar to our own, long after a global cataclysm drastically reduced the world's population down to a small civilization who have walled themselves off from the rest of the world. They believe they were divinely chosen to survive the event, and that one more is still to come.

"On its surface, Stardust is a martial arts action story about epic fights and the mentality of competition"

The story follows Tay as she is introduced to the culture, customs and beliefs of the city of Eden after her life takes a dramatic tone shift when she finds her only caretaker dead. On the promise that she will one day see her again, Tay's new friends show her the ropes of the world she will be living in. But having to explain the inner workings of their society to the curious mind of this new outsider, they begin to question things about their life they never had before. Their quest to get the answers begins to uncover the dark and shocking secrets of their supposed utopia.




"It's quite literally true that we are star dust. In the highest exalted way one can use that phrase." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Stardust is inspired by action adventure stories such as Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy X and Avatar: The Last Airbender, psychological sci-fi like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Shinsekai Yori, dystopian fiction like Nineteen Eighty-Four and even competitive video games like Super Smash Bros. Melee. It was originally sparked by the words of scientists, skeptics and free thinkers like Carl Sagan, Christopher Hitchens, Lawrence Krauss and Neil deGrasse Tyson - to name a few.




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I've written out some ideas on the characters; their personalities, skills, background, interactions/relationships and their point in the story. These are quite rough and guaranteed to change drastically over time as I get to see them interact with each other more and explore their personalities and goals further.

Things like names are all very likely to change too, at the moment they're just following a sort of pattern - it'll be interesting how obvious that pattern is. I have no idea how obvious it is.

Hopefully you'll get a decent idea of what they're like.

Early 2016 designs of some of the major characters.






Birthday Unknown   -   Female   -   5'7

Tay is the main protagonist of Stardust - a generally cheerful, optimistic, tenacious girl who has a bit of an addictive personality. She is creative, energetic, curious and trusting. Too trusting, according to Noel, as she quickly and excitedly accepts almost anything she's told about the new world being introduced to her.

Because she's so used to having so much free time, she has a multitude of random skills and hobbies, and because she has spent so much time learning new things she has become a ridiculously fast learner (or, is it the other way around?). At night she likes to watch the stars; her greatest wish as a child was to hold one in her hands.

She was found as a baby by an old lady who raised her as her own in solitude in the eastern forest. Their lifestyle involved a lot of physical activity as they lived on the far outskirts of the forest near the city, without much technology or the aid of other people. She meets Noel and Eliot after adventuring a little too far out from home. When she returns, she finds her grandmother dead and the house they built destroyed, and is convinced to come live inside the city with everyone else on the promise that she'll be able to see her once again.

They eventually introduce Tay to their martial arts master, and are shocked at how quickly she progresses at it once she agrees to join in.

She develops a style that is quick, aggressive and expressive and in no way traditional. She is hard to hit and has a surprisingly sturdy body. Despite being seeming flighty, if you get her talking about her passions she will show you how intelligent she really is.



May 29   -   Male   -   6'1

Noel is a quiet, confident man who is a little stubborn and apathetic to most of the world. He has a strong belief system when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. Because of this, he would refuse to take a life under any circumstance and doesn't eat meat. He tries hard at everything he finds interesting, considers himself to be generally good at most things, but becomes lazy when he gets comfortable.

Noel's introverted personality makes it hard for him to sustain energy when interacting with people for too long, and loves having time to himself to recoup. He is not particularly emotive around other people and is sometimes embarrassed when he shoes genuine signs of emotion, as he likes the idea of being the strong, silent type. Despite this, he is a bit envious of the social skills that Tay and Eliot possess, as is sometimes awkward due to a lack of social experience.

Noel is all business when it comes to martial arts. Balanced offense and defense in terms of skill, but favours being in the driver's seat and being in control. He is used to being the better fighter in the group, so he has problems performing when he is expected to win due the expectations he believes others have of him.


December 10   -   Male   -   4'9

The Kid is a bit of an outcast. He lives a life of solidarity despite his age, refusing to rely on anyone. His parents were killed when he was a baby. He grew up in a church orphanage but decided to run away at the age of 9. He now spends his time entering tournaments under the name "The Kid"; an attempt at taking back a phrase that was used to bring him down or brush him off. He does not know his real name.

He tries to give off an aura of confidence and maturity (and he certainly is for his age, being especially logical compared to the rest of the group at times), but deep down he still is a child, and that side will come out of him, despite his conscious efforts to censor it.

His power is wildly inconsistent and has moments of utter intensity which he can't control. Even his regular strength is often undermined due to his appearance, but he makes his skills known quickly to those who doubt him. He believes that he can beat anyone and wants to make it known to the world.


July 21   -   Male   -   5'10

Eliot is a natural born leader and a people person and prides himself on it. He is loyal and empathetic, a realist when he needs to be, courageous and little dramatic.  He takes his friendships very seriously and, due to the way he was brought up, is very empathetic to those in danger or who have been hurt. Misfortune often falls upon him, though in some cases he bring is upon himself. He talks a lot, even on things he doesn't know much about, and often tries (or accidentally happens) to provide comic relief in tense situations.

An avid meat eater, he often makes fun of Noel's vegetarianism.

He is a defensive fighter who likes to wait and react based on the opponent he is up against. His defense becomes his offense, taking advantage of their mistakes. This style seems to have developed in reaction to Noel's relative offensive fighting style. He has always been a bit behind Noel in terms of skill, but the two support each other in an effort to get better. He gets irritated easily when losing, especially against styles he doesn't like or appreciate, which can get in his head during a match. These issues can cause him to lose track of his game plan or affect him negatively in terms of mindset.


May 16   -   Female   -   5'3

Lyla is Eliot's step-sister and Tay's closest female friend. She is strong willed, impulsive, cynical and blunt, but willing to show her nicer side to people she really likes. Many people view her admirably due to her confidence and strong posture despite her small stature. She gives off a protective vibe especially when it comes to Tay and is considered, perhaps subconsciously, by the group as something of a team mother. She is snarky and sarcastic, especially to Noel, and is seemingly invulnerable to being made fun of.

She learns she can manipulate her ki powers to heal, which is an extremely rare ability, seen as a blessing in their society. Lyla sees herself as the most important member of the group because of this ability, and isn't afraid to use it to get her way. She's quite happy to let you go through your pain if you don't go along with her.







Stay Tuned





Super shout outs to everyone who has drawn Stardust fan art, it's the coolest thing to ever happen to me. I'll include them here!

If you have some fan art that you don't mind me sharing, send it on down to moxie@moxie2d.com. I'll add your social media too if you'd like!







In the world of Stardust, trained individuals can manipulate ki. Ki is believed to be a kind of life force energy which exists inside the body of all living beings, connecting them all. Humans are able to draw this energy out and manipulate it outside the body and control it in the air. It can be used in many ways, from lighting a candle, to devastating blasts of energy, to telekinesis-esque manipulation. It's invisible unless highly concentrated, and when visible it comes in a variety of colours.

A cross between Stardust and Dragon Ball; parodying the way the characters manipulate their ki to transform in the anime series.

The use of this energy is forbidden by law outside of specific circumstances, such as certain types of work, or entertainment like tournaments. As most people of Eden believe they aren't able to control this energy under normal circumstances, anyone seen doing so is considered a thief of the Powers That Be, who should be feared and vilified. Unsanctioned use of ki can be harshly punished by law enforcement, sometimes by exile or even death.

Tay soon learn that her friends are able to control ki, initially mistaking them for witches. Noel is able to convince Tay that they aren't bad people just because they can do this, and even tries to show her that she can do it herself.


Eliot, Noel and Tay manipulating their ki energy.






The lead characters in their State forms, drawn with hair similar to the Dragon Ball series.





The characters are able to reach a form which they call State at certain points in the story. It is a play on the phrase "state of mind" and the fourth state of matter, plasma. The user's hair glows a certain colour while shards of matter float off them and electricity pulses around their body. State is essentially a physical representation of being one with your thoughts, feelings and self.

This transformation is tied to the person's state of mind and is similar to the feeling of being in "the zone". Because of this, it can technically be accessed by anyone, but requires some story specific things to obtain the first time and requires a ton of training and experience to be able to tap into it at will. Of course, everyone has their own ways of getting into State and are affected by different things both externally and internally.


The idea basically stems from how I feel when I play Melee at tournaments, or back when I used to play basketball at a relatively high level. I think anyone who has any experience with anything competitive which requires individual performance should be able to relate to at least one of the characters' struggles when it comes to this.

Considering it's basically just the idea of flow in psychology (the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed and absorbed into what they are doing), there's no reason it should only be able to be achieved while fighting.

An example of a character in State for purposes other than fighting - in this case, performing music.




Each user has a specific colour which their state form takes on. The colour represents specific internal mechanics of each person.

As the power of the individual progresses, their state level can be unlocked, allowing them to reach higher forms.