Your name/tag/company/brand (I can include your twitter handle in my upload to twitter, or deviantART name to dA if you'd like)

Type of commission (poster, screenshot, character design etc.)

Number of figures to be drawn (single, real person w/character, group)

Where the work will be used/seen/promoted (personal, gift, online advertising)

Reference images of you/the character you are requesting (the more the better)

Deadline (if applicable)

A description of what you have in mind in as much detail as possible

State if you want the working source files or not (layered Photoshop .PSD files etc.) as this will cost a little extra

Also, please don't pay anything before we've discussed payments properly, refunding people who get a little keen is just an extra step we don't need to go through (though I appreciate the hype!) If you're just donating, make sure to mention it!




Work on the commission will only start once I've received the entire payment through Paypal. Remember that prices are in USD!


I reserve the right to deny and or cancel a commission - I will refund you. This is super unlikely to happen though unless my computer breaks or my hand falls off.

After I've begun I will send you a progress sketch so that you can have your input on it to make any changes before I move on to lines and colour - this is your chance to make any edits or suggestions free of charge! Late edits will likely have to cost extra.

All commissions will be uploaded to my Patreon and social media. Let me know if the project is awaiting announcement or something if you'd rather this not be the case!

Understand that I do have a busy schedule and I'm likely juggling a lot of these commissions at once! Please try to be patient. Commissions can sometimes take up to 2 months unless you have a stated deadline, so be aware of that.

If you have any concerns, questions, want a progress update or anything follow up at any time! Just email me and I'll get back to you with whatever you need.


Thanks for reading!

Looking forward to working with you.